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What Would Michelle Obama Do?

May 15, 2012

A few weeks ago, someone sent me the book “What Would Michelle Do?” since they thought I might be interested in a collection of tips about life from the First Lady. I read the book, but not so it could stand on its own. Instead, I read it as I prepared to graduate from my […]

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Girl Scouts CEO On Developing Women Leaders

March 14, 2012

Leadership is an important skill in today’s world. I once heard a supply chain executive from Elizabeth Arden tell me he used to always be encouraged when he would receive position applications from young candidates who could clearly articulate their experience and goals. He knew he could hire one and she would go far in her career because she […]

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Life and Choice in Virginia

February 22, 2012

Virginia is in the middle of an emotional legislative move that appears to have dismissed some of the facts. Abortion legislation is adding tests and wait time to the procedure, I assume in an effort to demonstrate that there is life at the moment of conception. “The ultrasound legislation would require women to undergo a […]

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Be the One of Ones

January 2, 2012

In my Bloomberg Businessweek that summarized 2011, there is a multi-page article about all the protesting and rioting that happened this year. At the end of it were three interviews by police officers who were present in London, Athens, and Vancouver. What struck me as a great statement of what happened in many of these […]

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The Balance Between Leadership and Accountability

July 19, 2011

The following is posted at Forbes blogs Work in Progress: With all the Rupert Murdoch news about him not being aware of the phone hacking News of the World journalists conducted, it’s sounding a little similar to Enron: We didn’t know. There is a fine line balancing the expertise leaders may have in a specific area with the […]

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Behind the Scenes

June 30, 2011

I was watching Iron Man 2 the other day, and as in many cases where a hero deals with having to balance saving the world with his day-to-day identity, Stark was having a little bit of a meltdown (spoiler alert). In the public, he was a playboy CEO who just handed the reigns of the company […]

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Being Boss And The Minefield Of Office Friendships

April 14, 2011

This post is available over at Forbes blogs – Work in Progress: Over the years, I have learned there is a fine balance between being direct and being aggressive. More on that later. When you’re aspiring to be the top in school, no one really mentions the “how” you get there as being important. In […]

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Elections: Now is the Time to Do

April 12, 2011

I have to say it: I hate the fact that we’re already hearing about elections for 2012. Logically, I understand it takes a long time to educate the American public, sort out all the contenders, and make sure that we have qualified candidates when it gets to voting day. However, as a businesswoman, I’m a little […]

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The Future We Create: Virtual Conference

February 24, 2011

I have the pleasure of participating in a great virtual conference on March 1st bringing 60 women together for 60 minutes. You should take a list at the women speaking: PhDs, University Presidents, authors, and even Selena Rezvani who spoke at our university last fall. Each of us had 60 seconds to provide a message […]

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