Breaking the Bullseye: Blog Series Roundup

by Emily Jasper on August 28, 2015


Problem: You want to authentically engage with a variety of customers, but your boss claims messaging to all of them is time consuming and expensive.

You’re not alone.

Recently, I worked on a blog series for the Create Digital blog. There’s a natural struggle between using all those personalization tools at your fingertips, but doing so in a meaningful manner. You don’t want to break the bank, and you really don’t want to look like a stalker. The natural solution is using digital personas to connect with customers.

Marketing doesn’t have to be the money pit of your company. As we show in this blog series, you can:

Are personas for you? Of course. Digital personas are a highly valuable tool that can help you specialize content, engage consumers, and build lasting relationships through fostering a culture of trust.

You can do all of this by working smarter, rather than harder. This is because utilizing personas will help you avoid overextending your resources to write countless variations of copy, avoid overspending on social targeting, and avoid coming across as invading your consumer’s privacy.

Just remember, always maintain authenticity by putting your customer and their needs, wants, and interests first.