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Infographic: Efficiency of Dating Via App

December 11, 2013

Mobile technology is changing the way we do business. Whether it’s to apply to a job or just stay on top of a project while you’re on the road, your smartphone is an extension of your desk. But your smartphone is also an extension of your social life. Gone are the times when telling someone […]

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Breadwinner Social Norms Could Affect Dating for Women

January 8, 2013

As a single professional woman, the social norm that a husband should be the primary breadwinner for a family presents some real concerns. A recent research paper by Marianne Bertrand, Emir Kamenica, and Jessica Pan demonstrate that this social norm might be impacting a woman’s earning potential. Younger couples don’t appear to have too much […]

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Talking a Date into a Business Meeting

May 31, 2011

Thanks to Netflix, I have on-demand access to a lot of shows I love. Currently, I’m on a Numb3rs bent. One of the early episodes has the character Charlie finally go out on date with his long-term crush Amita. Since he was her former advisor, and she’s still at the university, they both agree they […]

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Yes, I will Google You

February 16, 2010

On my recent outing to Madison, I got to meet some neat people who were friends of my Brazen friends (so we’re all going to be friends now). They were asking me how I like Minnesota, and of course the topic of dating came up. As we were discussing attributes of the opposite sex that […]

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Hey Baby, I know my audience

October 9, 2009

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been chatting with friends about pick-up lines we see in our regions. Here are a few: DC – Hey Baby, I work on the Hill. MN – Hey Baby, I just bought a house. NY – Hey Baby, I don’t live with my mom in the Bronx. With each […]

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