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Life and Choice in Virginia

February 22, 2012

Virginia is in the middle of an emotional legislative move that appears to have dismissed some of the facts. Abortion legislation is adding tests and wait time to the procedure, I assume in an effort to demonstrate that there is life at the moment of conception. “The ultrasound legislation would require women to undergo a […]

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Elections: Now is the Time to Do

April 12, 2011

I have to say it: I hate the fact that we’re already hearing about elections for 2012. Logically, I understand it takes a long time to educate the American public, sort out all the contenders, and make sure that we have qualified candidates when it gets to voting day. However, as a businesswoman, I’m a little […]

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Right in the Black and White

April 11, 2011

A little joke in the business world is that whenever there is a question, the answer is usually, “It depends.” It’s a signal that instead of a black-and-white world, we live around shades of gray. Unless of course there are legal issues, and then it’s up to lawyers to explain why you crossed over to […]

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Actions and Reactions

March 22, 2011

Remember being in grade school, studying math or science, and you’d hear a classmate say, “When am I ever going to use this in real life?” Little did you know the basics of equations show up everywhere. Most of the time, it’s a pretty easy concept: Y=aX+b. But then again, taking into account multiple variables […]

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Alternate Life Slipping Into Reality

March 18, 2010

I think. A lot. Probably too much. I used to suffer from severe insomnia, and when I saw a professional about it, they said it was because my mind was running too much. The minute my head hits the pillow, I’m thinking at 80mph. That makes it hard to go to sleep, and then if […]

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How do you feel about all this right now?

September 15, 2009

How do you feel about all this right now? I feel like I keep coming back to this question. I never know what the answer is off the top of my head, which means I have to pull a Rodin and think on it for a bit. This may only apply to me right now, […]

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