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A Conscious Decision about Valuing Your Time

June 12, 2012

One of the lessons I learned when I finished my MBA is that people value things differently. I always knew this in some context, but I think it became more apparent when a new group of graduates go back out into the world. We all seemed to be starting new lives with a variety of […]

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Learning from Mom, the Digital Way

August 3, 2010

Like many Gen Y women, my mother is my best friend. My generation has been considered the victims of helicopter parents, assuming that we can’t function without calling mom or dad for every tiny emergency. While I don’t want my parents to solve my problems for me (and hope they never call my boss), a number of us […]

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I Don’t Know What That Means

April 9, 2010

When did we stop good-old-fashioned learning? Yes, we pick up business skills and lessons from life experiences, but when was the last time you picked up a text book or academic journal? I’m always late to the party when it comes to tv shows. That is how I discovered Bones this week. I have always […]

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Make the Airport Work for You

March 25, 2010

With the potential of spring finally landing, I’m ready for a get away. I’m very excited to plan out trips and think about moving and shaking, but I’m not always excited about the actual travel part. I’ve been delayed in the airport quite a bit. Especially coming back and forth from Minnesota, you stare and […]

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Breaking Glass and Setting Cheese on Fire, OPA!

March 11, 2010

When I was a waitress, I worked in a Mediterranean restaurant that was owned by a couple of Greek families. They were trying to bring together the loud, large family atmosphere with fine dining. Special events would have belly dancers, and we would light food on fire on a regular basis. Even though I thought […]

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Lessons I’m Learning from Being an Adviser and Teacher

January 27, 2010

Many of you know that I used to advise a sorority chapter at American University. Since moving to Minnesota, I’ve been working with high school students through a Sunday school class. I don’t know why I love it, but working with those just a few years younger than me is always fulfilling. And then again, a […]

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Don’t Take It Personally

January 21, 2010

When I got hired in my first real world job, someone sat down with me and went through the file to show me attributes about my work style and personality that had been revealed through my hiring assessments. One thing that popped out was that I am a People Pleaser. I want to do things […]

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Get Your Own Case Studies

June 3, 2009

My college roommate was a Finance major, and often times she would tell me about all the case studies she had to work on for class. Case studies are great for learning because they provide you with examples. Theories are only good if people can understand them, and a few great examples can go a […]

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