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Speaking the Same Different Language

March 29, 2011

One of the most valuable things I am bringing with me to my MBA studies is that I look through the world with a Marketing lens. I am continually fascinated by my Economics class because it makes total sense product, pricing, promotion, and placement decisions would all be made based on supply and demand. Or that […]

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Women, Words and Wisdom

November 3, 2010

One thing I love about being here at Virginia Tech is that I have been connected to some amazing women. The other thing I love is that I get to connect women with each other. On November 17th, my MBA program is hosting an evening of “Women, Words and Wisdom.” Special guest Selena Rezvani will […]

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MBA: Don’t Knock It ’til You Try It

October 25, 2010

When I announced I was going to go back to school full-time for my MBA, I was waiting for the fallout. Yep, I said fallout. I don’t think my fellow bloggers would have actually said anything to me directly, but everything I had been reading in my network included comments like, “Don’t go to grad […]

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April 15, 2010

I’m going to grad school! I’m very excited to say that this fall I will be attending the Virginia Tech Pamplin MBA program. This is something that’s very exciting for me because Virginia Tech is one of the closest things we have to a family school. All of us love it, and my brother who […]

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Volunteering to Keep You Going

September 1, 2009

**The below post is featured on the Minnesota Chapter of the American Marketing Association Blog. Not everyone had the luxury of knowing at the age of 18 that you wanted to be a marketing professional and chose a business major in college. In fact, many people fall into marketing through analytics, operations, HR, and so […]

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