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Breadwinner Social Norms Could Affect Dating for Women

January 8, 2013

As a single professional woman, the social norm that a husband should be the primary breadwinner for a family presents some real concerns. A recent research paper by Marianne Bertrand, Emir Kamenica, and Jessica Pan demonstrate that this social norm might be impacting a woman’s earning potential. Younger couples don’t appear to have too much […]

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LinkedIn Report: Men More Savvy Online Professional Networkers than Women

June 22, 2011

The battle of the sexes. Got to love the idea that we’re still in an “us vs. them” world sometimes. Even if we do try to make it more about uniting instead of separating, you have to acknowledge there are differences between men and women. Well, when it comes to online professional networking, it looks […]

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Thinking Outside of Yourself

June 7, 2011

Since I’m interning for the summer in St. Louis, I’m staying with my parents. I’ve been living on my own for a while, so it’s been a little weird to have two more people sharing the same space as me. In fact, it feels like there’s a lot more going on. Here’s an example: I […]

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Being Boss And The Minefield Of Office Friendships

April 14, 2011

This post is available over at Forbes blogs – Work in Progress: Over the years, I have learned there is a fine balance between being direct and being aggressive. More on that later. When you’re aspiring to be the top in school, no one really mentions the “how” you get there as being important. In […]

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Need a Job Before a Man

April 4, 2011

My mother once told me, “Don’t forget to get married.” I guess she figured if I was so focused on my career, I’d be oblivious to those gentlemen who were going to come a’courting. And then my friends shared with me this video about a five-year old girl who has already figured out her priorities: […]

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Connecting with The Girl Who Played with Fire – Internship Opportunity

July 11, 2010

Lisbeth Salander is a woman I’d never want to double-cross. Too bad plenty of bad guys never learned that lesson. Stieg Larsson created a wonderfully complicated woman in the character of Lisbeth. She breaks the rules, takes matters into her own hands, and manages to fight her way through all kinds of tribulations. If you […]

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The New Romance

April 26, 2010

After reading a number of posts about how social media is changing the dating scene, I wondered if there were other changes that had little or nothing to do with social media. I’m a single, female, 20-something, so *hopefully* I’m not way off base with my assumptions about how women may view romance. Movies have […]

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Should you disclose medical issues to your boss?

November 9, 2009

When I was home visiting with my parents I heard about two pretty sad updates with family friends. One is a gentleman from their church, who I’ve met and really like, who has the same terminal brain cancer that killed Ted Kennedy. In fact, this friend went into the hospital for surgery and was in […]

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I Have Been Sexted

March 5, 2009

Apparently sexting (or teens sending each other homemade pornographic images using their phones) has become a viral practice. I would like to share something with you: I have been sexted. While I have never sexted, I have gotten the messages before and literally, not known what to do. I was utterly shocked once, and then […]

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