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Revisit: What Would Michelle Obama Do?

July 26, 2016
Michelle Obama DNC 2016

After last night’s DNC speech, Michelle Obama’s message, “Live your best life”, takes on a new perspective of hope and community. In 2012, Michelle spoke at the Virginia Tech graduation ceremony. I had tried to compartmentalize my frustration with how campaigning seems to permit public servants put their jobs on pause so that I could […]

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LinkedIn Report: Claim Your Volunteer Hours on Your Profile

September 7, 2011

One of the things that I learned in my household was to always donate my skills and time. Serving is beneficial to your community, but you get a lot out of volunteering, as well. I’ve talked about career development on the cheap, and if you volunteer, you can gain a lot of skills depending on […]

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Go Team, Go! Be Fans of Your Leaders

February 19, 2009

Last week, a number of regional leaders were in our corporate office for a meeting. I just happened to be walking by when they were getting a tour, and it was like a family reunion. I’ve done some kind of work with all of them, and the ones who I hadn’t met with face-to-face were […]

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Your Mission: Change Agent 001

February 17, 2009

If someone asked me what I wanted to do in five years, I would say, “I have no clue.” That’s because I’ve switched roles every year for the past three years. My current boss probably has the 10-month mark on her calendar as a time to start getting nervous. But if you asked me what […]

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Be a “Yes” Man at Work

February 13, 2009

If you have flexibility in your personal life, this is a good time to volunteer for work projects. Sure, your day may already be super-packed, but volunteer anyways. While it may seem like taking on extra work, the value is going to be worth it in the long run. Why? A few reasons: 1. You […]

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Bad Habits of a Gen-Yer: Loving Holidays

February 4, 2009

This might not actually sound like that big of a deal. Lots of people like holidays. Lots of people hate them, too. The funny thing about loving holidays is that it could be considered immature to get excited about Valentine’s candy or dressing up for Halloween. In addition to a turning your office into an […]

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Bad Habits of a Gen Y-er: Not Playing the Politics Game

February 1, 2009

So last fall, the world expected to see Gen-Y change the nation by showing up to vote. I even made sure to have filed for my Minnesota drivers license a couple days beforehand just to be sure. Apparently, Gen-Yers are all about the politics. Trust me, I used to live in DC. I would say […]

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