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Think Profitably in 3 Steps

December 2, 2013

Thanks to concepts like the skunkworks team or Project X research group, everyone wants to have a chance to innovate and create without worrying about the cost of resources. Profitability is a banned idea. Unfortunately, limitless time and money just aren’t a reality for most businesses. Your business reality might be a world of tight […]

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Timing is Everything, Especially with Respect

October 5, 2010

Timeliness is a huge issue with me. I have a hurry-up-and-wait philosophy because I feel like if I’m going to do something, I should be there in time to do it. We also know that being on time is a sign of respect to your host or with whomever you’re meeting. But what about the […]

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Building Your Marketing Tool Kit

December 8, 2009

**The below post is featured on the Minnesota Chapter of the American Marketing Association Blog. I may not be able to speak for most marketing executives, but in my experience, there are some attributes your team needs to have to be successful. Some of these may be no brainers, but you should always be looking […]

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I’m Interested, but…

September 29, 2009

Have you been in a situation where you wanted something more from someone than they wanted it? If you’ve ever dated, this is usually the reason for most breakups. But what about beyond dating? In work, there’s the same idea of courtship, where you tell yourself you can’t come across as the desperate one. Sales […]

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