Smashing the Glass Ceiling in Politics

by Emily Jasper on July 29, 2016


No matter how you feel about Hillary Clinton, you have to step back and observe this historical moment. The women’s rights movement wasn’t just about having the right to vote, shedding the demands of home, or being more like men. It was about having the same choices.

Today, we have to acknowledge there is an actual choice on the ballot. You can still choose to not vote for Hillary, that is your right. But the choice is there now.

I read several Facebook posts from friends and articles about how stunned they were to find themselves crying at the actual achievement this nomination gave us. Perhaps in a world with so many other things to worry about, if you weren’t in politics, not having a woman as President was just disappointing. But when something isn’t immediate, happening in your job or home, you don’t realize you might already be included in the movement.

When you realize that, your thoughts go from “me” to “we.”

We have the possibility of a woman being President. We have a choice to accomplish that reality. And that is just one of the many steps to breaking the glass ceiling.