Seven Years…

by Emily Jasper on March 13, 2015

Emily Jasper Seven YearsLinkedIn reminded me that it’s been seven years since I started this little blog. What’s crazy is that I’m not even focused on writing about tips, tricks, and perspectives — I’m focused on applying it.

But with a little reminder comes a nudge to revisit the blog that started it all and reflect. Yep, this is one of those posts.

In seven years, I’ve:

  • Moved several times: I started this in DC when I was a Fast Company community contributor. I launched my own site, and then promptly moved to Minnesota. After a couple of years there, I went to Virginia, then Texas, and now I’m back in Virginia again. Let’s just say I’m good at packing. Moves are life-changing events, and most people don’t do it more than a few times. If you have the chance to make a big move, do it. You’ll find yourself challenged in new ways. And if you are a frequent mover, you know those challenges are new with each destination.
  • Grown in my career: Here I was a blogger with an opinion. Then I was a Forbes contributor for several years sharing a vision with a broader audience. I also got an MBA and moved into agency life. As I mentioned, there was a very real shift from writing about things to experiencing them. To putting them into practice. My career isn’t just about personal development anymore, but about collaborative growth for my clients, my teams, and my company.
  • Done AMAZING things: Most Millennials would have things like “work at a startup” or “go to SXSW” on their bucket list. Well, I had those, but what wasn’t on the list surprised me most. I went to Comic-Con and interviewed talent from True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, Archer, Orphan Black, Banshee, Intruders, and The Strain, not to mention panels and events for Bones, Penny Dreadful, Constantine, Sharknado, and Games of Thrones. And then I went to the Emmys. There’s nothing like getting to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask to Steven Moffat, Kathy Bates, and more. And then a Syfy media day that not only included opportunities to geek out with the Ascension, Z Nation, Killjoys, and Helix casts, but also a visit to both Harry Potter parks with some marvelous people. Today, I’m still working in entertainment, but I also am doing good. I have clients who are focused on improving transplantation, providing family support, and improving outcomes for children who are Deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Met wonderful people: You might only have a few months with someone, but your colleagues and friends are always going to influence you. From my team in DC, to the mentors in Minnesota, I had a chance to grow during the Great Recession. I was inspired by peers and professors at Virginia Tech, as well as untraditional marketers in Texas. And the team I’m with now in Virginia challenges and supports me each day. I want to be better for them.
  • Rescued two dogs: My babies are of the furry kind. They make me laugh and remind me there’s more to life than work.

And there’s you. It’s been a long time since I’ve had new content that prompted comments and conversations here. But we’ve met in real life (or IRL as we say), worked on projects together, or ran into each other at conferences. Some are married, some have kids, and some have started their own businesses. You as a community have been incredibly important during these seven years, even if it was never in a blog comment.

I want to return to this blog, but I also want to challenge myself to find a new way to contribute to it and the community. It’s not just about opinions and perspectives anymore. It’s about practice, application, and learning.

Here’s to seven years, and many more to come.


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