Top 100 Websites for Women

by Emily Jasper on June 24, 2010

UPDATE: Hey all, I was also including on the 2011 list, something really exciting for me. Also, Pretty Young Professional is doing really well. I remember talking to the ladies there last year as speed was really picking up. So happy that they’re not just pretty and young, but pretty amazing!


Hey there, I’m checking in from my move to let you all know a great list was just posted by Forbes Woman: Top 100 Websites for Women. This list is great not just because From the Gen Y Perspective made the cut, but because some of the other awesome ladies we know through Brazen and other networks are featured. That includes:


Punk Rock HR

Alexandra Levit

Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist

Take a look at the list, start following some amazing women, and see how many great resources there are out there to help everyone (not just women) navigate their way. Thank you to Meghan Casserly and Jenna Goudreau for including my blog!