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January 2009

Not a Multi-Tasker?

January 30, 2009

I might be a little behind the times here…I’m a Verizon customer…but I just found out that the iPhone doesn’t allow for multitasking. Meaning if you want to stream radio and play games at the same time, it’s not possible. At least not on the same device. Now, I am taking this at the word […]

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Bad Habits of a Gen Y-er: Asking Why

January 26, 2009

Asking Why. Anyone who has kids, knows kids, or has watched TV about kids, knows what I’m talking about. I am like that four-year-old who doesn’t stop asking “Why?” It’s not that I want to be annoying, and I usually do cut myself off after the second Why. I also went to a pretty prestigious […]

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Bad Habits of a Gen Y-er: Working Too Much

January 22, 2009

Not that I’m obsessed with posting in a series, but I kind of liked the idea of linking my posts. While my stereotype assumes that I think I’m perfect, I know in fact that there might be a couple of bad habits I have that could be attributed to my age. So here is the […]

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Energize Yourself

January 18, 2009

Energy is a commodity that *cross your fingers* shouldn’t disappear with the rest of your assets as the economy continues to crash. But how do you stay upbeat when things seem to be so bad? 1. Have Energizer Meetings. This is something my team started doing over the past few months. Once a month, we […]

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I’m Not Your B*#^h!

January 8, 2009

A few days ago I was referred to as “The Help.” Who says that? Why don’t I provide a little context for you: A gentleman from IT came by my office to make sure that I was happy with the upgraded keyboard he ha d left for me (since I had been out when he […]

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Standing Out When You’re Trying to Stay In

January 6, 2009

In the blogosphere, many are saying that we should be identifying challenges due to the economy not as constraints, but as opportunities. Try telling that to the low men on the totem pole. Companies will be making more tough decisions this coming year…in addition to the ones already made. And the sad truth is that […]

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