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Being Brazen

Brazen’s Executive Social Media Bootcamp

August 17, 2011

Living in my world, I forget there are many people who aren’t using the tools available at their fingertips. We plan weekend trips and wedding showers through Facebook, and Google is practically a teacher. Smartphones make it easy to share every thought, and even Angry Birds has become its own movement in pop culture. And […]

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Movers and Shakers

May 20, 2011

Hey all, I’m at the National Association of Women MBAs Leadership Retreat. I have the opportunity to meet some amazing women doing some pretty amazing things. Look for some of my reflections when I get back next week. Until then, I have a post on Brazen Careerist just on this topic: “A New Kind of […]

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Take a Spin: Brazen Careerist’s Networking Roulette

November 9, 2010

In sorority recruitment, we used to have a system to meet as many potential new members as possible. We’d conduct rotations where we’d try to learn something about these women beyond “she’s nice.” When you have just a couple of  minutes, you really have to work hard to get those great factoids about a person […]

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Rock Your Career!

July 22, 2010

Brazen Careerist has been on FIRE this week! First they launched the free e-book What I Know About Finding a Job with Rich DeMatteo, and contributors from HR greats like Chris Ferdinandi, Lance Haun, Penelope Trunk, Sharlyn Lauby, Laurie Ruettimann, Ben Eubanks, and more. As Penelope says, “Ultimately, what you need to know about this […]

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Top 100 Websites for Women

June 24, 2010

UPDATE: Hey all, I was also including on the 2011 list, something really exciting for me. Also, Pretty Young Professional is doing really well. I remember talking to the ladies there last year as speed was really picking up. So happy that they’re not just pretty and young, but pretty amazing!   Hey there, I’m […]

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Figuring Out the Script

May 25, 2010

Being out of practice has changed my own comfort level. When I step up, the adrenalin rushes through me so quickly, my body is shaking violently. I can’t channel her as easily anymore, and I don’t know if she’ll show up this time. What if it’s just me? For years I was a pretty committed […]

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April 29, 2010

The Seth Godin Brazen webcast was today. I’ve decided that with the death of Elizabeth Post this week, we should acknowledge something: People are rude! Yes, the webinar started late, but unless people have the inability to multitask at all, why be so ugly? And I know people were bummed, but really, it was still […]

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It’s a Sin to Settle on a Smaller Dream

April 12, 2010

Do you ever give up a dream? Make a compromise that seems too much like a major sacrifice? Do you stop thinking of yourself and make decisions for others? When it comes to planning ahead for the future, we want to accomplish everything that we were told we could do since we were kids. Being […]

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A Brand that Lasts Beyond a Lifetime

March 29, 2010

“Here’s looking at you, kid.” Wow. Just, wow. That line means a little something to everyone. It could be the memory of a first date, the comfort after a break up, or the suave idol a guy hoped to be. You never have to see the whole movie (though you should), but Casablanca is an […]

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