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VirtualU in the Startup Ecosystem

June 14, 2012

Educational institutions provide an incubator ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Would-be CEOs have access to technology and research, potential pots of funding, and cheap student labor. For students, the incubator has provided an accelerant not to getting involved in someone else’s startup, but an accelerant for students to start their own. VirtualU, a new firm near Virginia […]

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The Passion of Gary Vaynerchuk

April 29, 2011

This post is available at Forbes blogs: I have not had the opportunity to ever to be a guest on one of Oprah’s “Favorite Things” episodes…but I now feel like I understand the insanity that ensues. Gary Vaynerchuk spoke at Virginia Tech on last night, and as I’m sure he always does, he blew the roof off the […]

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Lemonade and Sky Surfers

February 25, 2010

In the summer of 1995, sky surfers landed in my front yard. BMXers were in my backyard. And I decided to set up a lemonade stand. While I may be pretty pro-corporate now, I can tell you I had a lot of entrepreneurial spirit as a kid. I’d make crafts to sell, help my mom […]

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This Ain’t Your Mama’s Moon Race

February 4, 2010

I am part of an air and space family. My childhood is filled with the sounds of sonic booms and smell of jet fuel in the air. We had tons of books on being pilots and astronauts, and I bet NASA was the first acronym I learned. My brothers and I really wanted to walk […]

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