Be Brazen!

by Emily Jasper on August 25, 2009

Launch. Like a rocket. Or a ship. Or an inter-galactic missile.

(Play Star Wars theme here)

I come from a tradition where women were launched upon society through cotillions and coming out parties. Where ships had naming and launching rituals, including formal Change of Command ceremonies for the commanding officers. Where sorority recruitment seemed to include launching a new PR campaign every fall.

And yet today includes a new launch entirely. The New Brazen Careerist. (Bum bum bum bum buuuum!)

I might be getting a little carried away here, with the timpani and everything, but this is really exciting!

Here are some things you need to know:

  1. It’s not your mother’s Brazen Careerist: Ok, your mom may have never heard of it, but I think you get my point. This is better than saying “new and improved” (mostly because I don’t think that’s actually possible). Brazen is all about the Next Generation. It means that they’re looking at what is going to be important for professionals in the future, not just right now. At the rate of innovation, things are changing quickly. Brazen is going to help mold a new way to look at talent: by looking at knowledge, opinions, and thoughts.
  1. You don’t need a time machine: I am always told that if I could just warp ahead 10 years, then my experiences on my resume might actually match the years I’ve been in the work force. WAIT! You mean to tell me that WHAT I did isn’t as important as HOW LONG I did it for? That doesn’t matter to Brazen because they want to highlight your IDEAS. We know that thanks to the recession, the Next Generation is getting more creative about getting experience and being thought leaders. Brazen is celebrating what it really takes to get a job done (and that you don’t need gray hair to do it).
  1. Go Team Go! And what better way to share thoughts and ideas, experiences and events, but through a community? And these aren’t of like minds…if you’ve read any Brazen blog comments, you KNOW people are passionate (and kind of like to pick fights). But without challenge and conflict, you can’t improve. Wouldn’t we all be boring if we weren’t growing? There are many great leaders and contributors working through Brazen, and they’ll actually help you (become your Fan even!).
  1. It raises the bar. Ok, I’m going to share a mushy moment with you here. If it hadn’t been for Brazen, I wouldn’t know I could be better at what I do. I honestly thought that in order to connect with amazing, innovative, and driven people, I would have to do a lot of leg work. Well, Brazen did it for me. Not only am I connected with people I would consider inspirational leaders, but I’m also exposed to great writing. We are in a culture where people don’t know how to write anymore (trust me, I still hear it from my teachers). The people you connect with on this site make you want to be better. It’s more motivating than a personal trainer…

So, take a look, log in, sign up, make comments, whatever you need to get involved in Brazen. Feel free to Fan me, and I’ll Fan you back (it’s all about the love). Fan complete strangers because you like their blog, their comment, or even just their picture. Start connecting and start learning. Besides, the greatest part about learning is that you begin to teach others yourself. You could be one of the site’s greatest contributors, but you’ll never know until you log in.

Give it a try.

The views expressed in my blog are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

Photo from my profile on Brazen.