by Emily Jasper on April 29, 2010

The Seth Godin Brazen webcast was today. I’ve decided that with the death of Elizabeth Post this week, we should acknowledge something:

People are rude!

Yes, the webinar started late, but unless people have the inability to multitask at all, why be so ugly? And I know people were bummed, but really, it was still about a 45-minute interview. That’s better than CNN and Oprah spots. I was shocked by some of the rude comments:

“I’m going to get fired because of this, start on time people”

“Waste of time and time is money”

“You people who keep saying to chill clearly have no where to be at 2”

“What a waste”

“This is really unacceptable!”

“Seems like a spammy way to get twitter info an sign up with vokle”

“this is crap”

“buh bye”

Just because you may not know the speakers personally, do you have the right to be a jerk?

There were plenty of communications trying to explain they were having technical difficulties. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. You all have been there, don’t deny it. The sad thing is most of the negative comments had people’s first/last/twitter/blog names associated with the comments. Additionally, people were really being mean who were hiding behind anonymity (as mean people usually do).

I’m not going to go into how it looks for a company or community when there’s some difficulty that disappoints customers. Most people know those basic ideas. I think those of us who are really tied to the BC community were disappointed to see even some of our members acting that way.

If you aren’t paying for something, when do you get to start being a jerk?