A Brand that Lasts Beyond a Lifetime

by Emily Jasper on March 29, 2010

“Here’s looking at you, kid.”

Wow. Just, wow. That line means a little something to everyone. It could be the memory of a first date, the comfort after a break up, or the suave idol a guy hoped to be. You never have to see the whole movie (though you should), but Casablanca is an icon for many of us. Personally, I’m actually in love with the Humphrey Bogart from Sabrina, but I can tell you, the scene in the fog gets me every time.

Are you as everlasting?

Companies like to rebrand as much as fashion changes “what’s in.” It’s hard for customers to follow when the tagline changes all the time. You might be lucky and have a logo that lasts, but if you can’t decide on a tagline, how can customers follow your mission?

This doesn’t mean you can’t be flexible. But you might want to think of it as a variation instead of a complete overhaul. For example, take our famous quote. Depending on your needs, you can change up the language: Here’s lookin’ at you, babe. Or perhaps it’s in the tone, from the sacrificing man giving her away to the hunter trying to rope her in.

Brand overhauls every year confuse us!

We want growth. Taking something that started your company out years ago, and then modifying it to make it your own. It’s about adaptation for the now, but staying true to your history.

If you think you need a complete makeover, then do the research and commit. You have your own opinions about celebrities getting plastic surgery, imagine your customers feel the same way about your brand. If you change your identity to the point we don’t know you anymore, then don’t be surprised when we can’t stay with you.

Instead, imagine that you’re trying to upkeep what was great to begin with. A little refresh and fine tuning can go a long way, but there’s a reason we return to the classics.

Make that work for you.