Alice Has the Right Idea

by Emily Jasper on March 4, 2009

Alice, a great company with lots of neat new ideas, has decided to have a giveaway for a Flip camera. Let me tell you why I think this is great.

1. It’s a giveaway, and we all love free stuff. But you had to do some innovative (to some) entries to qualify…like upload photos to Flickr, retweet the message on Twitter, and write a blog. There was participation for the entry! And we all learned something!

2. Alice is helping people do word of mouth communication for them. Through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and whichever means you may use for updating, you’re going to get word out about this company. And even if a handful of people click your update link, Alice’s website is so neat, you’re lot likely to be a one-click-wonder.

3. We’re giving Alice ideas. See, you have to talk about your favorite household product. Mine is tissues. You can do a lot with tissues (fix your nails, take off makeup, make lollypop ghosts, etc.). We have told Alice what we’d like to hear about in future blogs! Talk about meeting audience needs!

So, best of luck to all those hoping to win the camera. I think it will be great to further the blog world with vlogging.

Thanks Alice!