Facebook’s Roadshow Video Starting the Business Discussion

by Emily Jasper on May 4, 2012

Just as Mark Zuckerberg says in his company’s IPO Roadshow video: I grew up with the internet. I remember in college when I first got access to Facebook. We were friending everyone, and you began to say, “Facebook me” at parties whenever you met someone new. The concept of “friend” changed overnight…you counted everyone.

Over the past few years, the world in regards to Facebook has changed. We began to see a shift away from the sense of ownership belonging to those of us with profiles back to the business itself. Facebook is a marketing engine and it has to make money. We, as the users, are the product.

As Facebook goes IPO, we may see yet another shift. People who do not consider themselves business people may begin to talk about the business of Facebook. People may stop to learn about roadshows or IPOs, about market caps and shareholders. People might begin to really think about how Facebook monetizes “friendship,” and how a personal profile changes how other businesses interact with them.

You don’t have to have an MBA to be savvy about business. This is a good time to stop and think about how something you may use every day changes the face of Wall Street. Social media has brought the business world right to your doorstep, and you have an opportunity to consciously consider what that means to you.

Launch Facebook IPO Roadshow Video.