Style Products: Shielo Hair Care Line

by Emily Jasper on April 21, 2011

One of the hardest challenges I have when it comes to my professional look is maintaining some semblance of the hair style I started out the day with. I have incredibly fine hair and always seem to live in humid locations. By lunchtime, any blowouts, curls, and poofs are all flat…

When Stergios at Shielo asked if I wanted to give some of their products a try, I said sure. Honestly, the fact that Shielo was a salon brand that is linked to New York, Tokyo, and Sao Paolo were enough for me to say, “Yes.” There’s nothing like global salon products to make you feel a little luxury.

First, I want to tell you some neat things about the company (I’m in business school afterall). Shielo Inc. is a line that has surprising corporate social responsibility ties to it’s products. First, the lines are vegan and naturals based, something that’s great for hair that might already get processed by chemicals. They are against animal cruelty and uses post-consumer recycled and recyclable packaging. Additionally, something that really makes me happy, Shielo supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can tell sustainability and responsibility are important to this company. While we might have higher prices to pay, you could see long-term value down the line in the health of our ecosystem.

Now to the products:

The shampoo and conditioner samples came from the HYDRATE line. First, they smell soooo good. The scent with some shea butter and hibiscus make me think of island vacations, a perfect lift when I know I have a long day of classes ahead. I was worried since these were from the HYDRATE line that the conditioner would be too heavy for my fine hair. If it had been last year when I was swimming, I’m sure the extra hydration would have been perfect to battle the chlorine damage. Fortunately, my hair didn’t have that greasy, “I couldn’t rinse it all out” feel. And while I don’t color my hair right now, this line is also supposed to help with color-treated hair, something I believe since it didn’t leave residue in my own locks.

Shielo also sent along an ANTIOXIDANT Leave in Protectant spray sample. It reminds me of spraying conditioner in my hair when I was a kid. Again, no residue left after combing the protectant through. While I’ve never thought about it before, UV protection is probably just what my hair needs to keep it healthy. Plus it smells good, too.

Finally, I got to try the VOLUME Bounce Style Cream. I have a short cut that I like to try a little bouffant with when I’m trying to go Jacky Kennedy old school. Most gels or mouses just make my hair look like a helmet, which then can be messed up as soon as I walk into a gust of wind. Instead, Shielo’s cream actually helps hold the style, but is flexible enough for me to brush out if I did get caught in a windstorm (something really common in Blacksburg, you wouldn’t believe).

I really recommend trying some of these products out. Check them out online, they even have free shipping for purchases over $75. If you want a hair treat, especially if you want to maintain an expensive cut and color, try out quality products. Appearance goes a long way today, so whether you’re primping for a job interview or date, Shielo can help your hair.

*Sheilo provided samples of their products to me to review, I was in no way paid or otherwise influenced to produce a favorable review.