April Goal Meet Up

by Emily Jasper on April 1, 2010

OMG it’s been over 70 here, in MARCH! Last year around now, there were snow flurries. Since I’m so happy to see March over and move on to April, let’s get to the goals:

March Goals:

  1. Save a bit more money. My bank doesn’t do automatic rollover, but I did start moving a couple dollars a day over. Essentially, it’s what would be the coffee money. I think instead of not buying coffee and hoping I don’t spend the money somewhere else, this makes more sense.
  2. Figure out how to make an infographic resume. So, here’s my attempt. It’s not done, but it’s a start. I realize I need more of a theme.
  3. Plan weekly menus. This has worked out well when I’ve had food. The trick ends up being when I haven’t had a chance to go to the grocery store. All I have to say is, “Thanks Mom for freezing your homemade spaghetti sauce!”
  4. Get the back issues under control. I’m healed! Ok, not totally home free, but to the point that I can swim and move around pretty normally. Soon…dancing!
  5. Plan a trip to see my parents. So I’m planning on seeing the parents in June, but I ended up planning a NYC trip. Sam Karol and I are going on a cupcake tour, woot!

So, here’s April:

  1. Downsize. Not only do those of us in MN tend to stay inside most of winter, we also acquire junk. So, I am hoping that the Spring Cleaning momentum gets me going through all the stuff I’ve managed to pile up in different parts of my apartment. There will be lots of donations to Goodwill in my future.
  2. Meet NYC Bloggers. Alright, I’ll be there April 17-20, so let’s meet up! You know I love meeting all you guys in person!
  3. Return my Netflix in a timely manner. I know there are no late fees, but I really have a bad habit of holding on to the DVDs. It might sound silly to put this on the goal list, but kind of like taking vitamins, I will do it if I put it on the goal list.
  4. Write more on the weekends. I love spending my weekends decompressing from the week, but there’s so much writing to do! I have a whole list of topics, and then more that haven’t even made it to the list. If I don’t get the writing in when I think of the topic, it can take a while before I really get to the real reason I wanted to write about that topic.
  5. Take walks outside. With the weather getting warmer, there’s a small window before I start thinking, “Hmm, air conditioning sounds nice.” I need to get out and enjoy the weather before allergies or sunburn attack.

To participate in the meet-up:

1. Post a list of your career/life related goals for February, along with your checked off January goals if you’d like, on your own blog.
2. Come back to BrazenCareerist.com network and leave a link to your post in the comments (*If you don’t have your own blog, feel free to share your list here in the comments to join in!)
3. Then, check out everyone else’s lists as they leave comments – click their links, visit their blogs, say hello, meet, greet and support each other because that’s what it’s all about!

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