Making the Rounds

by Emily Jasper on March 9, 2010

While I’m not quite doing a grand blog tour like Matt Cheuvront, it seems that all of a sudden, there’s a lot going on in a lot of places! I wanted to be sure you all get to check out some neat things I have the honor to be a part of recently.

Marketing the Philanthropic Brand

As a staff blogger for the mnama, I have a post up about marketing your philanthropic brand. I was inspired because I love the idea that you can combine good work, event planning, and philanthropy all into a work day. Check out the post here.

You Can Shape Us As Leaders

Big shout outs to Ryan Paugh, Sydney Owen, and the rest of the SX Gen Y team for bringing together some bloggers I look up to to talk about helping managers better connect with younger employees. I completely excited to be included in this video series, and please check out the rest of the great submissions from some of our favorite bloggers out there.

ask summit

Andrew Swenson and Shane Mac have an amazing project going on all about asking some tough questions to a lot of people who have some pretty great answers. You should hop on over to the site and check out the interviews if you haven’t already. I had the opportunity to speak to Andrew last week about finding the right working world for you, pro-corporate or not. It’ll be up and running this week.

The Epiphany Moment

To finish things up, I’d like to point you back to Matt’s blog and The Epiphany Moment. There are some amazing contributors there as part of this collaborative project and more people are adding videos everyday. If you haven’t already added your own video, I highly recommend you take a minute, tell us about your moment, and make sure to upload it to the project. This is one of the best ways that we all begin to stop seeing each other as just avatars but know we’re real people. What a way to connect!