October Monthy Goal Meet Up

by Emily Jasper on September 30, 2009

Hey all, I’m really excited that it’s that time again! So, to follow up to last month’s goals:

1. Transition into my new role at work. It’s going well, I even got to change my title in my email.
2. Start teaching at Sunday school. Well, I’ve got that in the bag. I’m having lots of fun, and it’s great to work with young impressionable minds 🙂
3. Study for the GMAT and take at least 1 practice test. Did the practice test, and while it’s not horrible, definitely have more studying to go.
4. Join the Phi Mu alumnae chapter in my area. So I found the chapter, but need to wait until next month to send dues. It just didn’t fit in the budget.
Three out of four seems pretty good to me! Now for October:
1. Actually send the dues for Phi Mu.
2. Take two more GMAT practice tests.
3. Start swimming at the gym if my knee doesn’t allow for higher impact workouts.
4. Begin painting again on a regular basis.
Ok, that’s it. Hope everyone sticks with their goals!