When I Grow Up, I Want to be Alice

by Emily Jasper on June 23, 2009

This week has brought on a lot of Alice news. The first images of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland have got the web in an excited frenzy. As a Burton fan myself (I did a thesis on imagery in college), I thought it was quite fitting for the Burton lens be applied to Lewis Carroll’s story. In addition to the twisting turns that no doubt will be applied to the plot, considering it is more of a sequel, but the play of live action with computer animation promises to add that real-life trip feel to dream world.

I have always loved any version of Alice’s trip down the rabbit hole. I had the outfit as a kid, always rode the caterpillar ride at Disney Land at least three times a trip, and had a special place in my heart for sculptures of the March Hare. The Burton touch will remind those of us stuck in reality that it’s always good to glance beyond the looking glass.

And if you need anything to clean that glass, Alice.com went live this week.

For anyone who follows me, I have been tweeting with 140-character excitement about Alice since I first discovered Rebecca Thorman’s Modite. The launch of this company has been one of the smartest I’ve seen. They understand that there are those of us who prefer to do everything online, especially when sticking to a budget. You know what I’m talking about…heading to the store with your list and coming back with 20 extra items that were impulse purchases? My mom never takes me grocery shopping because I have this problem to a serious degree.

Alice.com is my new shopping therapy.

First, go try it out yourself. You can create a shopping profile, have your own lists of preferred products, track your budget, get spending data, and get reminders when you should reorder again. They have managed to already stock some of the unique items that are my non-negotiables, things that have started to be scarce of the store shelves locally. They’re also one of the most responsive and customer-focused groups I know. Customer service is bound to be fabulous (call it that mid-western charm), and if I can’t find a specific product, I can suggest Alice add it. You know you’ll get what you need.

So remember, twas brilig and the slithey toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe…and that comes with free shipping.

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Photo is of myself