When It Hits You: The Epiphany Moment

by Emily Jasper on February 24, 2010

I’ve had the honor of being part of Matt Cheuvront’s community over the past year. I think we stumbled upon each other through our blog postings and twitter, the same way most of us are finding each other in this large internet world. When it comes to Matt, he’s all about getting you outside of your comfort zone. In order to accomplish that, he’s built a strong trust relationship with each of us in the Life Without Pants community. Trust is everything.

So when Matt asked if I would share my epiphany moment with you all, I knew exactly what story I wanted to tell. There was no hesitation. While I have rarely told my story to some of my closest friends, there was no reason to pause when Matt asked. Which means that I not only trust him, but I trust you all as well. So, on March 2nd, I hope you join Matt and the rest of the contributors to celebrate his latest community movement: The Epiphany Moment.