Infographic: Efficiency of Dating Via App

by Emily Jasper on December 11, 2013

Mobile technology is changing the way we do business. Whether it’s to apply to a job or just stay on top of a project while you’re on the road, your smartphone is an extension of your desk. But your smartphone is also an extension of your social life.

Gone are the times when telling someone that you met your significant other online was considered embarrassing or taboo. Now, more than ever, people are meeting and dating via online platforms. In the almost two decades since the first online dating site was created, meeting your future boyfriend or girlfriend online has become increasingly common. Beyond being fun and efficient, online dating is highly profitable. In fact, over a billion dollars will be made from online dating by the year 2013 is over.

There are many reasons why singles choose to find love via the web. The infographic below, brought to us by Fling’s Dating blog, explores some of those reasons and explores some of the benefits that online app offers daters. Check it out below!

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