Listening to My Not So Independent Self

by Emily Jasper on February 2, 2010

We’ve talked about it before: there are times when the independent woman just doesn’t want to be so independent. My friend from high school is in a Folgers commercial where she gets engaged and tells her dad he doesn’t need to worry anymore. Some arguments think that it promotes anti-feminist attitudes that we need to be rescued by men. My opinion?

I would LOVE for someone to notice if I don’t make it home one night.

Or get in unusually late because I might have gotten mugged.

Even if it’s not what my Independent Self would do, I used to have panic attacks about this all the time. I would call my friend on Sundays to check in with her. Even if I saw her on Saturday. And I knew I would see her at work Monday. And if I didn’t show up, she’d notice because she’d have to pick up my slack. For a long time, I called my mom every day. When I started missing days because I got too busy, I would frantically call, “I’m still alive!”

“Of course you are,” she’d say. “You’re a grown-up, you don’t need to call your mom every day.”

This might be the reason I don’t have pets. I’m afraid if I had some accident or something, this poor animal might die of starvation. Or if I died, I’d have a Miranda moment and be afraid of my pet nibbling on me.

Yes, the normal answer would be: Get a roommate! I tried that on my most recent move, but none of the interviews worked out. I’m kind of alright with that because I have some single-girl habits I’ve developed because of living alone…the 4:45am alarm clock might not work for everyone. My Independent Self says that normal people won’t appreciate my quirks.

And then, there’s still that nagging: How long would it take for someone to notice if I didn’t make it home? Or fell in my home and couldn’t reach help?

If I need to get married for someone to notice my comings and goings, then let’s do it! When you’re married, you don’t have to be pretty all the time, right? You can smell like Mineral Ice and wear a crazy ice pack contraption without being judged. If you need someone to help you in and out of the shower, they’ve seen it all already.

My back has been acting up, and I am a little afraid that I will end up like a turtle on the floor, unable to roll myself over to get up again. Someone has offered to help me a bit, but my Independent Self is saying “No, you’re fine! You got this!” Besides, they’d just be watching me work all day. What’s the fun in that?

Luckily, I’m seeing friends this weekend. High school and Brazen ones to be exact. I know that if I end up having turtle issues, they’ll roll me over and pick me up. And then probably tweet about it, but I probably will, too 🙂

And then my Independent Self will say, “See, that wasn’t so bad!”