Using the Tickle as a Springboard

by Emily Jasper on August 10, 2010

I used to be fearless.

Over the past few years, I’ve become more aware of the little tickle of fear that squirms in my stomach. I think the more aware you are of what you can lose, the more you are aware of the threats. There’s nothing like knowing that everything you thought would work in your favor can suddenly work against you.

It might seem like a pessimistic view of the world, but there are times when you realize the only one you can count on is yourself. You have to make change and take ownership in how you interact with the world. You could call it the “Get ‘er Done” attitude.

There is a lot of power in making your own way. Once you meet a goal, you are filled with pride at what you accomplished.

There is also a lot of fear in being in control of your destiny. You may plan and then never get there.

And then there’s fear of the unknown.

It makes me think of those moments as a child where you go to bed and ask for the light to stay on. Your parent may give a little smile, and say, “There’s nothing to be afraid of.” As you grow up, you probably smirk…oh, there’s plenty to be afraid of.

As you grow up, you realize you have to take that tickle of fear and make something of it.

I don’t think you need to be fearless anymore. I think you need to take the fear and spend time exploring it instead. Fear can be a great signal if you use the anxiety it may breed to drive you in certain directions. It is the whisper telling you to take a chance.

Chances. Risks.

Using the tickle as a springboard.