Digital Client Engagement Program

by Emily Jasper on April 1, 2012

Company: PDI Ninth House

Project Date: September 2009-July 2010

Quick Description: Founded global webinar program for the newly branded PDI Ninth House organization and aided in creating a social media point of view for organization’s online presence

Description: After Personnel Decisions International acquired Ninth House, the new firm PDI Ninth House needed to communicate the new organization’s brand and identity to business consumers in an efficient manner with little confusion. Leadership Advantage Forums had been in-person networking events held regionally for local client teams based on presentation materials built by the corporate marketing team. In order to demonstrate new online technology, the new PDI Ninth House launched a webinar campaign to provide access to global clients to the previously in-person forum event.

Personal Contribution: With a background in social media and online training tools, I had been tasked with managing the creation and implementation of PDI Ninth House’s first global webinar program. In addition to hosting a global webinar, I had to also integrate the online learning tools and video into the software so they could be demonstrated online during the webinar. From early market research to determine the appropriate topic for the campaign, to sales team management, I managed the webinar campaign from beginning to end. By partnering with our online digital team to create a webpage and social media component, we launched a campaign that not only exceeded our attendance goals, but the webpage and tracking data could be tied to resulting sales opportunities.