Do I No Longer Need Comments?

by Emily Jasper on July 6, 2011

I might be done with comments.

I know what you’re thinking…mostly that I must be crazy. How can a blogger be done with comments? Probably because they’re just not enough anymore. Let me walk you through my logic:

Back when I got started blogging, I was desperate for comments. I wanted to know that more people than just my mom were reading my blog (and my mom didn’t exactly read often). Those early days were about validation.

Next came the growth. I had started reading more blogs, and in our little community, we were constantly commenting and sharing. I was able to learn from other writers and even make a few friends. We even had discussions about comments, standing on our blogging soapboxes demanding people contribute to The Conversation instead of comment senselessly.

And then in the last year, I made some life changes. Even with my EVO able to do anything a smart phone should do, I still am just not in the web as much as before. In trying to do great things to share with you, I’m not here that often. I still love comments, but it literally feels like an even shorter version of speed dating (except instead of having two minutes, you usually just use a couple of sentences).

I may be against the trend, but I like getting emails from people. Then I reply, and they reply, and it’s suddenly an actual conversation, not just a blip at the end of a blog post.

Thank you to everyone who ever commented, I truly appreciate it. I am not saying “Stop,” especially if you do have something you want to say. What I am saying now is that comments are not the only reason for me to write. Perhaps I’m a little late to the game on this one, maybe not as evolved as other writers (admit it: comments are how we track success, so if we see “0 comments” we freak out a bit). I think, however, I have come to accept that it’s the writing I love, not the need for public approval. Besides, you guys are always amazing, and I know you expect confidence from me. We have a relationship, and that’s what I wish for every writer.

Perhaps we should all be asking ourselves, “Do you want more than comments?”

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