Need a Job Before a Man

by Emily Jasper on April 4, 2011

My mother once told me, “Don’t forget to get married.” I guess she figured if I was so focused on my career, I’d be oblivious to those gentlemen who were going to come a’courting. And then my friends shared with me this video about a five-year old girl who has already figured out her priorities:


Yep, she isn’t going to get married until she has a job first. All you guys looking for someone to chain to the stove, turn right around and walk away. She isn’t having any of it.

I don’t know if I was that committed to my future at five, but I also know kids pick up a lot from the world around them. Apparently this little girl’s older sister is trying to start a music career, something that requires a lot of time and concentration. Her parents could have experienced ups and downs with their own careers, as well, especially thanks to the Recession.

Personally, I like to control things, so I can understand the desire to have a job before a man. Even with job insecurity, sometimes a 9-5 is more reliable than a significant other. People are human, so by their nature we can’t control everything that they do, say, or think. At least if my company might have to lay people off, there was probably warnings in the financial statements. People can behave badly out of nowhere.

I’m not saying that I would put my career before spouse, family, or friends. However, I do see how we can have a workaholic culture. Sometimes we just really love our careers!

Ideally, you can have both the amazing job and the supportive partner. And then you can put videos of the funny things your own kids say up on YouTube.