Why I Love Texts from Hillary

by Emily Jasper on April 6, 2012

If you haven’t seen them, you need to check out the Texts from Hillary memes that are going around the web. I started seeing the little text conversations pop up on Pinterest, and I started seeing which ones I could find. Visit the tumblr site for all of them, and I’m sure you’ll also start seeing other people make their own.

For me, I think these are hysterical because: a) the jokes are pretty on point for some of what’s happening in pop culture, and b) the jokes also point out there’s a difference between who’s getting things done and who is just messing around.

That second reason is a bit more serious than I am sure the creator of the meme had intended, but these ideas that spread from person to person have a lot to do with the reality of human nature. In our gut, we know there are a lot of people behind the scenes of any organization (business, government, church social committee, etc.) who are usually the ones managing all the execution. Being the “executioner,” as I have called it before, does not always mean that you are the one people see delivering results. You may not get the praise, and it can depend on whether or not you get the blame. Think about Obama and the criticism he is getting now about not really delivering on all that “change” he had been promising during his campaign. I guess that’s why I like the text I use above because it makes you think: who really is the person getting things done?

What we also see from these text conversations is that even leaders can be just like us. I imagine a very funny twist on this meme would be if you took Texts from Hillary site and smashed it with Damn You Auto Correct! Everyone’s got a sense of humor, even a woman who could be running the world from her G6 as you read this. That’s a reminder we need. Women in leadership do not need to be just like men or stone cold to get things done. They should be able to joke now and then.

Of course, if you just want to read these and laugh, I’m in full support of that, too. I’m sure Hillary would like that.