September Monthly Goal Meet Up

by Emily Jasper on September 9, 2009

OK Everyone! I’m HERE!

I know that there’s not actually a crowd waiting for me to post about my goals, but hey, in case someone out there was wondering why I was late to this show, let’s just say I was very happily buried in the Number Books during Labor Day weekend…

If you’re new to this (like me), I got a note a little while ago from the ever-fabulous Rebecca Thorman inviting me to participate in a monthly goal setting group. First, I was like, yay Goal Lists! Anyone who knows me well knows I love lists. Second, I thought that this was great because I’d get to see other people’s lists…talk about inspiration for new things. And finally, there’s that good old accountability element…people want you to succeed with your goals!

So here we go, my goals for September:

  1. Transition into my new role at work.
  2. Start teaching Sunday school (watch out high schoolers).
  3. Study for the GMAT, and take at least 1 practice test.
  4. Join the Phi Mu Alumnae Chapter in my area.

Check out the other fabulous posts out there, and I can’t wait to see how people do this month!

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