Lifelong Benefits of Laughter — Guest Post

by Emily Jasper on July 1, 2013


Below is a guest post from Tali Kuhel sharing her perceptions on laughter, stress, and dating: 

“Women who are highly successful, competitive and driven are most likely to experience a high level of stress”-Dr. Ken Nowack, women’s health specialist.

As women take on broader and more demanding positions in the professional world their stress levels continue to rise. Unfortunately, excess stress is a leading cause of weight gain, depression, anxiety and can have other detrimental affects. That’s why every working woman would benefit from stress relief to improve their overall wellbeing.

A Laughing Matter

It just so happens that there is a simple and fun way to reduce stress that won’t pinch your wallet or take time from your busy schedule. Laugh it away!

In a recent study led by Loma Linda University’s Dr. Lee Berk, researchers found that simply imagining a funny video increased participant’s endorphin levels by 27%. In other words, even the anticipation of a good laugh significantly reduces stress levels.

The benefits of laughter have been proven to influence relaxation and physical comfort as described in Norman Cousin’s memoir, Anatomy of an Illness. Cousins, a pioneer in the world of laughter therapy, suffered from a crippling spine condition and used laughter to relieve pain and post traumatic stress.

Achieving Lifelong Laughter

A great way to introduce more, consistent laughter is by having lively conversation with someone who can reciprocate the positive vibes. Laughter can act as a metronome for great conversation. When two people agree on something they usually laugh to subconsciously confirm their agreement.

From my vantage point at Sparkology, an exclusive dating site for driven young professionals, I couldn’t agree more. Whether on a first date or in a committed relationship, couples that laugh together tend to be happier and more stress free.

The secret to happiness is no joke, so find a life partner who will make you smile and leave the stress behind!

Tali Kuhel is a staff writer for Sparkology, the best online dating site for young professionals, focusing on brand development. She currently lives in Manhattan and is completing a degree in computer science. 

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