We Are Women, Embrace It

by Emily Jasper on August 30, 2010

I am particularly proud of a piece I have over at Forbes this week. It’s a reminder that there is still a long road ahead for women in business, but that we must be active in our journey. I hope you take a moment to read it and share…

This is an interesting time for women in business right now. You have great leaders who are impacting the world, but they live in environments where the negative stereotypes make it impossible to realize the progress.

You can still find the early pioneers, making the way for women behind them. Some may have had to become “one of the guys” just to gain a little attention. Others were the ceiling breakers who worked hard to make that ladder longer. You have generations of women who bullied others, especially if they took the attitude of, “I got here on my own, you can too.”

Another set of women are so mistrusting that they only look out for No 1. If you are fortunate, you find the mentors who want to build communities of women to move us forward, not create an us vs. them environment. Read more here…

Photo from Work in Progress post.