Women are Crazy

by Emily Jasper on October 11, 2010

When it comes to football weekends, I end up in the company of a lot of guys. Usually one of them has a story of what some crazy girl did, and why he’ll never understand women. I usually nod my head and agree, “Women are crazy.”

And it’s true, we’re a little nutty.

We trust an awful lot. Maybe too much for our own good, but if you introduce us to people, we’re probably going to shake their hands. We’ll give them a few minutes to tell us about themselves, and we’ll probably learn something from the connection. We figure you brought these people to us because we both could find we have similar interests other than bedroom ones. We trust that these people would be ones we’d want to introduce into our own circle.

Sometimes, we even invite complete strangers into our circle. Call it a crazy instinct, but we like to build relationships and help others do the same. If someone forwards a question to us, we’ll probably not only give you the answer, but invite you to the next event. Perhaps we should be more skeptical. Perhaps we should make everyone jump through hoops. But nah, it’s too sane to keep people at arm’s length just to protect your own self interests.

Remember, we’re a little crazy.

We’re also not really fans of giving up. You may not be able to tell, but we’re pretty stubborn. Alright, you probably already knew we were stubborn. If we want things to work, we’ll try all kinds of creative ways to make sure we’ve given it our best effort. We also believe you can do great things the right way, no need to cut corners. We don’t need to be evil to be great, and wow, perhaps I’m naive, but I know I still believe there’s a little good in the world.

Sure, sure, I know you’re thinking that everything here is just too outlandish to be true. Who would foster connections between like-minded individuals, want to actually bring people together instead of force them apart, or even see something through until the end? Who are these crazy people?

I’m one of them. What about you?

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