Hi, My Name is Emily, and I Am Pro-Corporate

by Emily Jasper on February 18, 2010

Yes, I admit it, I am pro-corporate. All you people who hate “the man” and are “anti-establishment” probably think I’m insane.

The thing is, I don’t think I really am. See, I’m a person who likes structure. I tell everyone, “I can think outside the box, but I need a box.” Part of my jobs over the past few years have all included taking things beyond the established boundaries. Boxes are like challenges for me. I don’t feel confined to certain boundaries…instead, I usually put on my bull horns and say, “Oh, yeah?”

Some of us need to work for someone else. That’s just a fact. I actually like bosses. They help provide structure and give you direction. You can focus on certain tasks instead of having to be everything to everyone. If you’re lucky, and you end up with an amazing boss, then it’s even better. Things could be going crazy around you, but that amazing boss is going to do his or her best to steer the ship in the right direction.

Were you that person who ALWAYS needed to go to the library to study? You couldn’t actually study in your dorm room or lounge? Well, the distractions don’t go away when you’re out of school. Some days, you really need to just get work done! And sometimes, an office or cube is going to be the best place to be. If you’re fortunate, and you have a home office, that might minimize distraction. I know for me, I spend my time in both places. I can get a balance between my creative self and my operational self.

And I love that I have (for the most part) an idea of my working hours. There may be weeks that I feel like I work around the clock, but it’s usually for a pretty important deliverable. I know we’re accomplishing something instead of banging our heads against a wall. But back to working hours. I’m an early bird, and I do work with teams in Europe, so starting at 7:00am fits for me. And then I also know that I’m allowed to end my day. I don’t have to be on call 24hrs. Having the ability to end my day job means I can spend time on the Life part of the Work/Life balance.

Finally, I trust the system. Sure, there are going to be crappy bosses, bad salary packages, frustrating working conditions, and bumps along the way. You’re going to find that no matter what (corporate or not). But there are some companies out there employing hundreds of thousands of people. Not everyone can have the start up or self-employed life, and not everyone wants it…And as we make a turn in this economy, we have to keep giving corporate life a chance.

So if you’re with me, let me hear you!

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