November Monthly Goal Meet Up

by Emily Jasper on October 30, 2009

Wow, Fall is really here!! So we’re already planning for November, and before I know it, we’ll have solid negative-degree weather for a couple months. Let’s check in for October:

1. Actually send the dues for Phi Mu. Those are going in the mail tomorrow (left my checkbook at home). I am very excited about connecting with local sisters.
2. Take two more GMAT practice tests. I got one done (improved by 40 points), and plan on getting the other done this afternoon. So chugging along on that one.
3. Start swimming at the gym if my knee doesn’t allow for higher impact workouts. I have become a little fishie! I wrote about my swims a few weeks ago, and I’ve been sticking to it. We actually have a pretty full pool at the gym now!
4. Begin painting again on a regular basis. I didn’t paint as much as I’d like, but did get some done (and discovered my apartment floor is titled in the process). So stay tuned for some pictures 🙂

I have to say, the Meet Ups are really helping me stay on target every month. There are so many things that could distract me or get me down. So many thanks to Rebecca and all of you who are part of the Meet Up!

Now to November:
1. Prepare to launch! Yes, I am going to be moving my blog over to and you should see the new site this December. I’m getting help from Matt Cheuvront, check out his blog if you already don’t know about Life Without Pants.
2. Raise my Quantitative GMAT score by 10 points. For someone who got a 5 on her AP Calc test, I am no longer a math brainiac, so I have to work hard. I’ll even wear punny math shirts to get me going.
3. Do something social every week. While I was trying to stay on budget, I would avoid social situations (they can be costly), especially on the weekends. But I’m a social being. Butterfly if you will. For my emotional health, I need to get back to being with people. So you may be getting a dinner or drink invite from me…
4. Stick with the painting/creative work. I’ve been taking some photos for my new website as well, so I’m going to combine photography and painting this month.

Alright everyone, let’s go team!!

Photo from clipart.