The Future We Create: Virtual Conference

by Emily Jasper on February 24, 2011

I have the pleasure of participating in a great virtual conference on March 1st bringing 60 women together for 60 minutes. You should take a list at the women speaking: PhDs, University Presidents, authors, and even Selena Rezvani who spoke at our university last fall. Each of us had 60 seconds to provide a message about encouraging women to enter the sciences, nurturing women to be future leaders, and thinking about the roles we take in that process.

Take a moment to look at the amazing women who are participating. You can get reminders of the event, and make sure you attend on March 1st at 11:00am Eastern. I’ll be there to tweet and share some of the great messages these women are sharing.

About the event:

Throughout the past century, chemistry—and all sciences—has seen enormous transformations in gender parity. Today, there are more female chemists and scientists than ever before. Yet, we are ready to take the journey even further. Increasing numbers of women worldwide are abandoning traditional career paths for more ambitious ones. The opportunity for women in science to effect change is unprecedented.

The big question: How can we work together to expand women’s leadership in chemistry and the sciences?

The Future of Women in Chemistry and Science brings together 60 of today’s leading minds to discuss, debate and define how women can move the field and industry of chemistry—as well as other sciences—forward. Covering topics from work-life balance and gender differences to mentoring young women and fostering executive leadership, Women in Chemistry will inspire, educate and challenge people to think in new and innovative ways about women’s role in advancing chemistry, the sciences and human potential.

Event participants are invited to share their thoughts and ideas on ways to take next steps – as scientists and women; as examples for other cultures and industries.